Operator Services

Operator Marketing Services

Services107G & J Marketing and Sales offers enhanced services to our operators by getting involved with your promotional needs. Our Art Department assists in developing consumer driven promotions to further explore more opportunities to grow your vending/OCS sales.

G & J Offers the following marketing services to operators:operatorsamples
  1. Customer Promotional Display Cards
  2. Customer Flyers
  3. Custom Route Manuals & Training Guides
  4. Custom Artwork Design (Logos)
  5. Monthly Product / Promotional Flyers
  6. Pre-booking Sell Sheets
  7. Sample Bag Cards
  8. Private Label Design/Artwork



Operator Support Services


G & J Marketing and Sales has seven people dedicated to sales support for operators. In addition to outstanding customer service, our sales support includes:

  1. Order Placement: G & J places orders for over 24,000 cases of products weekly for our operators - more than any other brokerage company.
  2. Promotional reminder program:  G & J notifies operators through voice, fax and e-mail as a reminder of promotions that are ending.  This assists the operator to maximize savings.
  3. General questions and information.


      Strategic Consulting

      Services107Our experienced sales team is pleased to offer the following services to Vend/OCS operators:


      1. Category management information to promote maximum sales.
      2. Rebate and promotional information to increase profit.
      3. Order placement with your distributor.
      4. New product introductions.
      5. Product samplings/cuttings.
      6. Route driver programs and training on product promotions.
      7. End user promotions.
      8. Timely communication of monthly promotion for proper order planning.
      9. Custom POS development to help promote products and promotions in your locations to your consumers.
      10. Help in developing a Plan-o-Gram program for snack, food, and beverage machines.
      11. Rebate tracking to make sure you capitalize and maximize on all rebates.
      12. Support and involvement to our industry by participating in and supporting the local state associations as well as national.
      13. Continual self education to better understand and service your needs.