Distributor Services

Distributor Customer Services

Services107G & J Marketing and Sales has seven people dedicated to sales support for distributors and operators. In addition to outstanding customer service, our sales support includes:

  • Order Placement: G & J's sales support manages all of your manufacturer orders including placement, confirmations, tracking and confirming order fulfillment. G & J order processing includes fax, e-mail, EDI and internet capabilities.
  • Promotional Reminder Program: G & J notifies distributors when programs are ending so orders can be purchased while still on deal - maximizing your profits.

Services to your customers, the operators include:

  • Order Placement: G & J places orders for over 22,000 cases of products weekly for vend/OCS operators - more than any other brokerage company.
  • Promotional Reminder Program: G & J notifies the operators through voice, fax and e-mail as a reminder of promotions that are ending. This assists the operator to maximize savings, while increasing sales on these product lines.


Distributor Marketing Services

Services107G & J Marketing and Sales offers enhanced services to our distributors by getting involved with their promotional needs. Our Art Department assists in developing consumer driven promotions and distributor sell sheets to further explore more opportunities to grow sales.

The Art Department works closely with our Sales Team to offer:
  • Monthly Product/Promotional Recaps
  • Pre-booking Sell Sheets
  • Sample Bag Greeting Cards
  • Vending Machine Cards
  • Private Label Artwork
  • Distributor Luncheon Announcements
  • Custom Flyers for Distributors
  • Graphic Arts Assistance







Progressive Selling

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