Manufacturer Services

Nationwide Coverage

DVPMapSince 1984 G & J Marketing and Sales has been refining our methodology and business practices to achieve the best sales results for manufacturers we represent.  We are now in a position to expand our proven methods on a national basis which offers you the opportunity to have consistent sales results nationally.

Provide single source representation solution with proven success, enabling you to minimize time managing your sales force and maximize managing your business.

Guaranteed consistency of product representation and implementation of marketing plans and promotional programs.

Strength of a National inside Sales Support Staff with technological capabilities to process orders in any format.  Staff to enable their outside counterparts to maximize their face-to-face time with customers by handling all administrative requirements generated in the field.

The infrastructure to eliminate the time consuming promotions and rebate management programs for you.

Replication of the proven operator ordering practices that G & J successfully uses in the Southeast. By placing operator orders with distribution this gives distributors confidence in your company and products and protects your SKUs in their distribution system.

Proven ability to work with and sell National Accounts such as Canteen, ARAMARK, and Sodexo.

Focus and emphasis on correctional channel offering additional sales opportunities for your products.

Manufacturer Sales Support

Services107G & J Marketing and Sales has seven people dedicated to inside sales support for manufacturers, operators and distributors. In addition to outstanding customer service, our sales support offers the following tools to promote your products:

Operator Order Placement and Confirmations: Our inside sales team conducts weekly sales calls with customers to take and process their orders. G & J places orders for over 24,000 cases of products weekly for our operators - more than any other brokerage company.

Distributor Order Placement: G & J's inside sales team manages all orders. This includes placement, confirmations, tracking and confirming order fulfillment. G & J's order processing includes fax, e-mail, EDI and internet capabilities.

Marketing Fund Management: G & J manages the marketing fund for several of our manufacturers. This program includes administration and accounting of local account that funds all programs.

Promotional "Blitz done via phone, email and fax."

Promotional Reminder Program: G & J notifies operators and distributors through voice, fax and e-mail as a reminder of promotions that are ending. This service assists in maximizing sales of your product line.

General questions and information.


Local Market Coverage

Our experienced sales team of 26 professionals offers nationwide sales coverage for the Vending and OCS industry.  Our sales team is driven by a 100% commission pay structure, so they are highly motivatged to increase sales.  G & J is pleased to offer the following services to manufacturers.

90 vend operators in each of our markets.

Systematic and consistent call cycle that ensures your products and programs are seen by the top Distributor order placement.

Category management assistance.

Booking and placing orders for operators: G & J currently books 24,000 cases per week for operators - more than any other vend brokerage company.

Distributor sales calls on a weekly basis.

Rebate and promotional presentations to operators and distributors.

Marketing fund management and programs.

New product introduction and roll-out.

Product samplings/cuttings.

Distributor sales person training.

Route driver programs and training on product promotions.

End user promotions.


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Manufacturer Marketing Services

G & J Marketing and Sales offers enhanced services to manufacturers, operators and distributor by getting involved with their promotional needs. Our in-house Graphics Art Department assists in developing promotional materials to grow the sales of your product lines. We can and do create custom POS to promote new items and promotions as well as support POS for operators to use on location to get the message to the consumer

The Art Department works closely with our Sales Team to offer:
  • Monthly Product/Promotional Recaps
  • Pre-booking Sell Sheets
  • Sample Bag Cards
  • End User Promotional Materials
  • Distributor Promotional Sell Sheets
  • Operator Promotional Sell Sheets
  • Private Label Artwork
  • New Product Announcements
  • Custom Promotional Materials for Local & National Programs